Attacking Insurgent Networks Course

“Military leaders, many of whom were students of counterinsurgency, recognized the dangers of an incremental escalation and the historical lesson that ‘trailing’ an insurgency typically condemned counterinsurgents to failur.”

General (ret’d) Stanley A. McChrystal

We cannot kill or capture our way out of an industrial-strength insurgency. – Gen David Petraeus

Attacking Insurgent Networks

Modern warfare is not fought between conventional forces, but between conventional militaries and armed insurgent groups that are hidden among local populations. The Attacking Insurgent Networks (AIN) course is a three-day course that teaches students the history of insurgencies, how they were countered in the past, why certain practices worked, and why others did not. This course also teaches students methods of attacking and defeating insurgent networks using all of the ISTAR assets available to the modern warrior.

This course is designed for military personnel, though police forces who operate and or have personnel who operate in a COIN environment may benefit from this training.

  • Lunch each day of the course
  • Breaks with coffee and light food;
  • A hard drive with valuable analytical documents

Day 1

08:00 – Course intro
09:00 – Link Analysis
10:00 – Link Analysis
11:00 – Maltego
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Exercise
14:00 – Spatial-temporal event forecasting
15:00 – Psyops

Day 2

08:00 – Forensic accounting
09:00 – Laws of armed conflict as it applies to insurgencies
10:00 – INTERPOL roles and responsibilities
11:00 – HUMINT
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – SIGINT
14:00 – Counter-Intel / interrogation
15:00 – Host country int and security services liaison

Day 3

08:00 – Biometrics use
09:00 – Use of drones
10:00 – Forensic evidence collection
11:00 – Presence patrolling / recce
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – CIMIC
14:00 – Countering insurgent psyops
15:00 – Course wrap up

Course itinerary is for reference purposes only and is subject to change without notice

The cost for this course is $2999.00 per person