Counter Insurgency Course

In counterinsurgency operations, the human terrain is the decisive terrain.

David Petraeus

You know as well as I do that counterinsurgency is a very nuanced type of military operation. –  Gen. John Abizaid

Counter Insurgency Course

In today’s operating environment, the intelligence function has taken on a new and even more important role in the planning and conduct of COIN operations. In a COIN environment, intelligence personnel provides a fundamental role in identifying and targeting insurgent networks and leadership. A Highly trained intelligence team knows how to utilize all aspects of the intelligence function to accomplish this goal, and maximize the ability of modern battle groups to counter insurgent activities and destroy their operational ability.

To do this effectively Intelligence personnel require a base knowledge of past and present COIN campaigns, to learn from their success and failures. Building upon this base, intelligence professionals need to learn advanced skills such as link analysis, and spatial-temporal analysis in order to know who key nodes in an insurgent network are and where insurgents are likely to strike. Additionally, intelligence professionals require the skills to find and exploit valuable resources, such as the Internet, to expose terrorists’ tactics, techniques, procedures, and planning operations.

Any person who is involved with COIN operations would benefit from this course.

Day 1

08:00 – Course intro
09:00 – Operational Environment
10:00 – Prerequisites for an Insurgency
11:00 – Insurgency Fundamentals
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Counterinsurgency Fundamentals
14:00 – CIMIC “done right”
15:00 – PSYOPS

Day 2

08:00 – Link Analysis
09:00 – Link Analysis
10:00 – Maltego
11:00 – Exercise
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Insurgent TTPs
14:00 – Insurgent TTPs
15:00 – Lessons learned from COIN in the last century

Day 3

08:00 – COIN best practices
09:00 – SOF COIN best practices
10:00 – Conventional forces in COIN
11:00 – NGO’s in COIN
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Proxy forces
14:00 – Geopolitical influence and approaches in COIN by involved governments
15:00 – Course wrap up

Course itinerary is for reference purposes only and is subject to change without notice

The cost for this course is $2999.00 per person