Consulting Services

All of our consulting services come with follow-up visits to ensure that everything is working properly for you. Further to this, we will offer your organization custom-made courses at a discounted price to assist your needs after consulting services have been rendered. This alleviates the need for costly outside help should your needs evolve because Prodigy is there to solve unforeseen requirements in the future as your business adapts and grows.
Why Choose Us
Our team is available to meet all your intelligence, security, and leadership needs on a 24/7 basis. The professionals at Prodigy Intelligence have the most advanced tools at their disposal based on decades of service in the clandestine field. From leadership training to building you an intelligence cell, we have the skills and knowledge to assist you in all of your needs.
But Wait
Additionally, unlike our competitors who offer, “fire and forget” courses, our compartmentalized products can be integrated into an in-depth professional development system. Our support does not end on the last day of a course. We provide regular follow-ups and offer mentorship services in order to ensure that the subject matter learned on our courses is successfully implemented into our client's work environment.
Consulting types
Hourly rate: $500 per hour plus expenses
Conference presentations: $5000 for a 1-3 hour presentation plus expenses

Discounted hourly rates are available for extended contracts.