Intermediate Intelligence Course

“There is no avoiding the realities of the information age. Its effects manifest differently in different sectors, but the drivers of speed and interdependence will impact us all. Organizations that continue to use 20th-century tools in today’s complex environment do so at their own peril.”

Gen (ret’d) Stanley A. McChrystal

In every aspect of life today having the proper information is imperative.

Intermediate Intelligence Course

In the rapidly changing information age, operators, analyses, and policymakers are required to rapidly and effectively make informed decisions. However, with the vast amount of information available to decision-makers it has become increasingly harder to gather, process, and analyze relevant information in a timely manner.

With the proper training, it has never been easier for professionals to obtain the right information. This course is designed to teach you and your associates how to obtain relevant information, create proper collation systems and analysis techniques to produce actionable intelligence reports.

This course is designed to be utilized by any person who is involved with analyzing information and wishes to learn how to further develop their analytical skills. This course may be particularly useful to the following groups of personnel.

  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Corporate security professionals
  • Fraud investigators
  • Government and private investigators
  • Corporate research professionals/investigators
  • Customs Officers and Border Security Officials;
  • Conservation and Wildlife Officials; and
  • Corporate Security Officers.
  • Learn about the intelligence cycle and analytical processes;
  • Become aware of the psychology of intelligence analysis and how to remove personal and professional biases from your analysis;
  • Learn a variety of unique analytical techniques;
  • Learn how to understand networks, how they operate, and how to analyze them; and
  • Participate in a final exercise that will ensure all students have a firm understanding of intelligence theory

Day 1

08:00 – Course intro
09:00 – Review of basic int principles from intro course
10:00 – Types of intelligence and what they do
11:00 – Setting up a collation system
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – How to create intelligence reports
14:00 – How to create intelligence reports
15:00 – How to create intelligence reports

Day 2

08:00 – Collection Planning
09:00 – The psychology behind intelligence analysis
10:00 – Acknowledging and removing personal biases in analysis
11:00 – Decpetion detection
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Analysis techniques
14:00 – Analysis techniques
15:00 – Analysis techniques

Day 3

08:00 – Processing confirmed and unconfirmed information into actionable intelligence
09:00 – Understanding networks
10:00 – Understanding networks
11:00 – Link analysis
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Exercise
14:00 – Exercise
15:00 – Course wrap up

Course itinerary is for reference purposes only and is subject to change without notice

This three-day course costs $2999.00 plus applicable taxes