Open Source Intelligence Course

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can help you in for getting response in priority intelligence requirements on social issues. For example, it can help you to know the secrets of political, military, counterterrorism & military etc.”

The Open Source Intelligence Course has the foundational knowledge for collecting data from the dark web.

Prodigy Intelligence Inc. is Canada’s reputed service provider that has decades of experience in developing the skills & training needed by your team to succeed in all areas of investigative & investigative disciplines. That is why we have brought an open source intelligence course for you to meet your intelligence & security needs on a 24/7 basis on-site or remotely in any region of the world.

At Prodigy Intelligence, you will experience the best open source intelligence course & easily consult your needs. Our expert team will give you world-class training or information in analyzing & monitoring such pressing problems as terrorism, proliferation & counterintelligence, etc. Moreover, you will find that our services are advanced & we use hi-tech tools in training & you will experience both military & civilian intelligence experience.

Although Open Intelligence Course is for everyone but those who want to use the internet effectively, should not wait for joining this course. In this open source intelligence training, you will discover how to conduct information, gather properly, research & analyze with a perfect vision. Also, open source intelligence course will greatly help you in keeping your personal or corporate stuff safe in the fast-growing digital world. Overall, this course is beneficial in all aspects.
This course can particularly fulfill the training needs of:

  • Government Analysts & Intelligence Professionals
  • Police & Law Enforcement Officers
  • Researchers & Private Investigators
  • Business analysts & Corporate Security Professional etc.
  • Auditors & Analysts

Open Source Intelligence Course is all about giving you relevant information or managing social issues via internet in less time.

Prodigy Open Source Intelligence Course is the best & here are the reasons that make it a must-attend this open source intelligence training:

  • Learn how to internet effectively or as a relevant research tool.
  • You will discover how to research, collect & analyze the relevant data in the fast turnaround time.
  • Open Source Intelligence Course will give you awareness about privacy & security issues on the internet about social issues, your personal & corporate stuff.
  • To address the requirements of public, private & defense sectors.
  • How to handle every situation with a proper strategy safely in this digital world securely.

This Open Source Intelligence course is all about making you independent & smart against fraud, anti-social issues, crimes, threats & terrorism by using the internet effectively with reliability.

Day 1

08:00 – Course intro
09:00 – Social Media Network Analysis
10:00 – Social media analysis tools
11:00 – Personal exploitation
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Data collection & storage
14:00 – Data encryption
15:00 – Data encryption exercise

Day 2

08:00 – What is/creating a collection plan
09:00 – Finding info on a person
10:00 – Finding info on an organization/business
11:00 – Exercise
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Collection systems
14:00 – Collection plans execution
15:00 – Exercise

Day 3

08:00 – Data mining
09:00 – Link analysis
10:00 – Geo analysis tools
11:00 – Exercise
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Int Fusion
14:00 – Int Fusion
15:00 – Course wrap up

Course itinerary is for reference purposes only and is subject to change without notice

This three-day course costs 599.99 plus applicable taxes