Internet Intelligence Course 11-13 Jan 2022

Internet Intelligence Course 11-13 Jan 2022


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The lead instructor for this course is Dr. Matthew Kane who served for over 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Intelligence Officer. He saw service in various theatres of operation where he worked with a multi-national intelligence unit that included the CIA and MI6. His experience brought him to the highest levels of counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations where he conducted and advised on terrorist interrogations, as well as military, and civilian intelligence functions. 

He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology where he studied deception detection and human interactions. 

Dr. Matthew Kane

Information changes in a blink of an eye and decisions are made with data that became irrelevant fifteen minutes ago. You should know everything possible when dealing with potential employees, competition, or adversaries. The internet houses all this information. A well-trained internet researcher knows how to utilize all aspects of the internet to ensure that the proper personnel are kept informed of the data required to make the right decisions.

  • Overview of the internet and how it works;
  • Learn how to use the internet as an effective investigation and research tool;
  • Learn how to better filter, collate, and analyze data from the internet;
  • Awareness of security and privacy issues on the internet. How to protect yourself and how to increase the visibility of others.
  • Learn how to create a proper search strategy for every situation.
  • A comprehensive internet intelligence manual as well as various freeware applications housed on a hard drive

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