Social engineering webinar 12 Jan

Social engineering webinar 12 Jan


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The lead instructor for this social engineering webinar is Dr. Matthew Kane who served for over 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Intelligence Officer. He saw service in various theatres of operation where he worked with a multi-national intelligence unit that included the CIA and MI6. His experience brought him to the highest levels of counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations where he conducted and advised on terrorist interrogations, as well as military, and civilian intelligence functions. 

He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology where he studied deception detection and human interactions. 

Dr. Matthew Kane

Even with the employment of Open Source Intelligence, high-tech surveillance technology, and geo-profiling, Social Engineering remains one of the largest gaps in companies and a persons security. With the proper training, it can also be an investigator or analyst’s most effective tool. From community-based police forces, intelligence operators, to the person in HR social engineering skills allow professionals to rapidly identify persons of interest, expose threats and dramatically speed up the intelligence-gathering cycle.

Come learn the basics of social engineering in this 1-hour webinar hosted by Prodigy Intelligence. The webinar will take place at 1200 (noon) PST on 12 Jan 2022. The link will be sent to all registrants upon successful registration. 

Check out our Social Engineering course syllabus to see what aspects we will be covering in this webinar. 

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