Courses and Training

Our training courses are a fusion of both military and civilian intelligence functions and are designed to address the requirements of clients in both the public, private, and defense sectors. Unlike our competitors who offer, “fire and forget” courses, our compartmentalized products can be integrated into an in-depth professional development system. Our support does not end on the last day of a course. We provide regular follow-ups and offer mentorship services in order to ensure that the subject matter learned is successfully implemented into the client work environment. Prodigy also has the ability to task tailor our courses to meet specific client needs and scheduling requirements.

Our courses are divided into four distinct groups: Leadership training, adventure training,  intelligence training, and government-only courses. While all of the courses from the first three categories are available as stand-alone products, they are also available as part of a customized training package, which includes, the initial training course, a follow-up professional development seminar, and continuing access to Prodigy consultants and resources. Government-only training is provided solely to Canadian and allied government agencies.

Upcoming Courses

All courses are currently full, please come back in the near future for a listing of more courses

Intelligence Courses

Internet Intelligence Course

Information changes in a blink of an eye and decisions are made with data that became irrelevant fifteen minutes ago. You should know everything possible when dealing with potential employees, competition, or adversaries. The internet houses all this information. A well-trained internet researcher knows how to utilize all aspects of the internet to ensure that the proper personnel are kept informed of the data required to make the right decisions.

Advanced Internet Intelligence Course

Intermediate Internet Intelligence Course

When it comes to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) the world is constantly evolving. We need to stay updated on not only the tools that are available to us and how to use those tools but how our adversaries, whether that be criminals, terrorist, or the competitor is using OSINT and the internet to their advantage. Come train with us, those that have used these techniques to find and stop terrorists using OSINT.

Advanced Internet Intelligence Course

Why do terrorists and criminals use the Internet so effectively in comparison to military and law enforcement agencies? Terrorist and criminal networks adapt to the speed of technology, while government and big businesses are often a step behind. To understand the actions and intentions of your adversaries, you must first know how to identify the indicators you need to make the proper decisions.


Deception Detection and Non-Verbal Communication Course

We communicate so much through our body language and spotting lies can be part of this.  This course is based on years of practical experience in Military Intelligence and academic research by Dr. Matthew Kane. This course brings you to the forefront of spotting lies, from body language to intonation, to verbal cues. Come learn from a former spy how to catch a lie.

Basic Intelligence Course

For business, it has never been easier to obtain the right information in a timely manner. The course is structured to teach each student how to obtain relevant information on the issues which they are researching, how to create a proper collation system, analyze the information gathered, and create actionable intelligence reports.

intermediate intelligence course

Intermediate Intelligence Course

In the rapidly changing information age, operators, analysts, and policymakers are required to rapidly and effectively make informed decisions. However, with the vast amount of information available to decision-makers it has become increasingly harder to gather, process, and analyze
relevant information in a timely manner.

Advanced Intelligence Course

In today’s world of corporate competition, technological ease of access, and constant monitoring, it is not enough to only know how to collect and analyze information. You must also know how to protect personal and corporate information from competing organizations that are gathering sensitive information about you. In the Advanced Intelligence Course, we will expose the underground world of information gathering and teach you how to utilize and protect against these techniques.


Insider Threat Course

In today’s world, we need to be cautious of who we talk to and what they are asking us. This course teaches professionals and government employees the basics of identifying insider threats so that they are prepared to defend themselves and the information they carry from unnecessary disclosure.

Social Engineering Course

Even with the employment of Open Source Intelligence, high-tech surveillance technology, and geo-profiling, Social Engineering remains one of the largest gaps in companies and a persons security. With the proper training, it can also be an investigator or analyst’s most effective tool. From community-based police forces, intelligence operators, to the person in HR social engineering skills allow professionals to rapidly identify persons of interest, expose threats and dramatically speed up the intelligence-gathering cycle.

Social Engineering

Government Only Courses

Attacking Insurgency Networks

Attacking Insurgent Networks Course 

Modern warfare is not fought between conventional forces, but between conventional militaries and armed insurgent groups hidden amongst local populations. The Attacking Insurgent Networks (AIN) course is a 1O-day course that teaches students the history of insurgencies, how they were countered in the past, why certain practices worked, and why others did not.

Counter-Insurgency course

In today’s operating environment, the intelligence function has taken on a new and even more important role in the planning and conduct of COIN operations. In a COIN environment, intelligence personnel provide a fundamental role in the identifying and targeting of insurgent networks and

Counter Insurgency course
Section level intelligence course

 Tactical Intelligence Operations Course

The Tactical Intelligence Operations Course (TIOC) draws upon years of experience from our instructors to create a course that exceeds all other standards for intelligence training.  This course is targeted towards government organizations that wish to advance the level of intelligence training provided to their tactical intelligence professionals.

 Counter-IED Course

Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs have been the weapon of choice for insurgents in the Afghan, Syria, Lybia, Somalia, Iraq campaigns, and the Israel/ Palestine conflicts among many others. These weapons have ranged from simplistic in design to extremely complex. Yet they all have one thing in
common, IEDs are only as complex as they need to be. Insurgents will use the simplest possible device to accomplish their goal, destroying security forces equipment and personnel.

Counter IED